Error mounting image on-boot codes 43 and 1223

Started by Volker

Error mounting image on-boot codes 43 and 1223   21 October 2017, 09:28

I've been a satisfied user for many years, but with my switch to a Windows 10 machine RAM Disk (or some setting) seemingly has run into a few issues.
It hasn't loaded on every boot and a few days ago has stopped loading the image on boot at all.
When I've tried to manually mount the RAMDISK.img it sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. But even if the disk has been mounted (green checkmark symbol= and I try to browse the directory Windows tells me it can't access the drive letter in primary error dialog and a secondary by RAM Disk tells me
"System Error. Code: 1223."
Windows doesn't show the drive, but HDD device manager tells me that there's a 4GB HDD (size of my RAM Disk), which hasn't been assigned.

Trying to load the .img file with just loading the image returns, that the harddisk isn't formatted.
Error code 43 was returned before above, when trying to load image at all.

Using Softperfect RAM Disk 4.0.4 64bit and Win 10 Pro Autumn Upgrade 9252(?)

I've already spent around 8 hours on installing, setting temp dirs, moving software, failing to load, setting temp back to defaults, starting over again, working for three weeks, failing massively now. :\
Thanks in advance
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Re: Error mounting image on-boot codes 43 and 1223   21 October 2017, 11:34

It's really hard to tell what the problem might be from these error codes. Error 1223 means ERROR_CANCELLED (the operation was cancelled by the user), which doesn't make any sense. Error 43 indicates some kind of hardware issue Windows detected.

Most likely it's simply a corrupted image file. Try creating a brand new image file, or depending on your usage scenario, try a volatile RAM disk without any image attached to it.

Also I would recommend to turn off Windows Hybrid Boot as it may occasionally come in conflict with normal RAM disk operations.

Re: Error mounting image on-boot codes 43 and 1223   27 December 2017, 07:46

Hi Andrew,
thanks for getting back to me. I'd like to give a little bit of context here. I've just run into the fifth time, that SoftPerfect RAMDisk hasn't loaded my 'persistent' RAMDisk in last ~3.5 months and I've lost quite a lot of time (at min 12 hours due to data lost on corrupt image files, unsuccessful trial to recover them and to get a new image implemented the way I want it).

From your last message I've been disabling Windows Hybrid Boot. This time I've run into a new error message (the third different kind, although again C0000043, just different additions), please see the attached error image.
SoftPerfect RAMDisk has been helping me since Win XP and is one of the few pieces of software that I bought due to its reliability and performance and on both, Win XP and Win 7 in the many years I've just lost one or maximum two disk images.

open | download – SoftPerfect RAMDisk Error 2017-12-26.png (8.1 KB)
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Re: Error mounting image on-boot codes 43 and 1223   27 December 2017, 11:48

I am sorry that you lost an image again, it's a real mystery as to when and why it happens. According to Microsoft, Error 0xC0000043 is STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION: a file cannot be opened because the share access flags are incompatible, which doesn't make any sense to me - why would share access flags suddenly be incompatible? confused

I guess at the moment I can only recommend more frequent backups of the images, or depending on the nature of your data, it may be a good idea to stop using the images and instead run a file-level sync utility like Unison to propagate changes to your RAM disk to a replica on the hard disk drive, say every 10 minutes.

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