NT error code C0000184 at loading

Started by Volker

NT error code C0000184 at loading   21 June 2018, 22:54

After saying goodbye to my long-term settings of my RAMDisk with persistent settings here, I switched over to the RAMDisk only being for temp files and the TEMP folder.

After a few months without issues, just run into this issue [translated] :
NT error code = C0000184: The device is for this requirement not in the right state. 
image status = Image load succeeded.
Win32 error code = 0 The operation was completed successfully.

The problem persists with a new RAMDisk. Version 4.0.4
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Re: NT error code C0000184 at loading   21 June 2018, 23:29

The error 0xC0000184 (STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_STATE) generally suggests a requested resource wasn't in the expected state, e.g. not fully initialised. It's hard to tell what may be causing it since, as you say, it was working fine before; my best guess would be a system change or a third-party program installed.

Just to confirm - that's a regular RAM disk without an image file?

If so, please try with a different drive letter and the Hard Disk Emulation option on and off.

If the above doesn't help, perhaps try using a logon-time disk instead of boot-time one or vice versa.

Re: NT error code C0000184 at loading   22 June 2018, 05:24

Yes, I had a RAM disk with image until that has stopped working several months ago. But in this topic it's about a normal RAM disk.

Your tip with Hard Disk Emulation off worked! But the remaining question is why?

Also, the help file is quite ambiguous on [] Hard Disk Emulation: “Tick Hard Disk Emulation if you want to emulate a complete hard disk drive.”
What will I miss by not using it?
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Re: NT error code C0000184 at loading   22 June 2018, 09:51

Granted it works with the HDD emulation off, there might be an uninitialised disk device or similar.

Could you please launch (Win + R) diskmgmt.msc and post here a screen shot showing all configured disks? This may shed some light on your situation.

But even if we can't tell why it happens, you will likely not see any difference with the HDD emulation off. I set this option off on my personal computer, as it's only needed for certain applications that don't work correctly with standalone volumes and expect a complete drive with partitions. Examples of such applications include disk tools, enterprise database servers and backup solutions

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