Interaction of RAM Disk with Windows SuperFetch

Started by Richard J

Richard J

Interaction of RAM Disk with Windows SuperFetch   06 January 2019, 10:47

Does SoftPerfect RAM Disk driver tell Windows SuperFetch to ignore it?

Normally SuperFetch will gradually build an intelligent cache in memory for frequently used files on a hard disk, dynamically using only memory not in use by applications or Windows system itself. Windows it smart enough to skip this for SSDs since they are already pretty fast.

Basically, I want to make sure my data will NOT effectively end up in memory twice, first in the RAM Disk, then that same data cached again in memory by SuperFetch.
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Re: Interaction of RAM Disk with Windows SuperFetch   06 January 2019, 11:35

The RAM Disk driver doesn't tell the OS anything specific about SuperFetch or ReadyBoost.

I am guessing that since a RAM disk is faster than an SSD, Windows should choose to ignore it automatically.

To be sure, if you are exclusively using SSD drives, it may be worth disabling SuperFetch system-wide.

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