No file system on the RAM drive

Started by Roest

No file system on the RAM drive   02 October 2019, 19:43

Was using the free version for a long time. Never any glitches. Having a 20GB RAM disk with saving to SSD every 10 minutes. Then a windows update happened and the RAM disk stopped working. Supposedly because of something Microsoft did. Well there was an update but no free version any more. No problem it's not expensive and it's worth the price.

Sadly the stability is gone. It now happens every other week that it tells me there is no file system on the RAM drive. Which probably means the save file got corrupted or, well, something else happened.

So to sum it up, my experience from going from free to paid is that I lose the content of my RAM disk every now and then.
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Re: No file system on the RAM drive   02 October 2019, 19:53

To be fair it's not necessarily RAM Disk's fault. New Windows 10 updates break things every now and then and the quality of Microsoft's releases is in decline. There are also known issues with PC clean-up programs like CleanMyPC and CCleaner. For some reason these seem to damage RAM disk image files.

If you are happy to do a bit troubleshooting, to find out why exactly you experience the issues, please submit a support ticker. Otherwise, depending on how you are using the disk, it might make sense not to use image files and create a volatile RAM disk instead. For example, for temporary files and browser caches, there is no point in keeping them between reboots.

Re: No file system on the RAM drive   02 October 2019, 20:17

Uff, how to put it politely? I know you're trying to be helpful but this is the most basic stuff and more annoying than helpful. Don't you think that when I'm using a ram disk and even paying for it, that I know what I'm doing? I'm using it for Visual Studio temp folders for large C++ projects where losing them means the project has to be rebuilt completely which takes several minutes. So yes, I'm not losing crucial data but time.
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Re: No file system on the RAM drive   02 October 2019, 20:32

As offered above, we can do a more detailed investigation and troubleshooting, to see if the problems you have do stem from RAM Disk and therefore can be fixed by us. There can be a number of reasons for stability issues, but because for vast majority of users RAM Disk works perfectly well, we do not have a ready answer as to why it is not the case for you. However, if for any reason you do not wish to provide more technical information for troubleshooting, we can offer you a full refund. You can then seek a product that suits your needs.

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