Dynamic memory management

Started by yyjpcx

Dynamic memory management   12 May 2020, 19:56

Hey, folks!
Here I come again. Can dynamic memory release management be added to RAMDisk? I hope this way RAMDisk will be more perfect and powerful.
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Re: Dynamic memory management   12 May 2020, 21:04

It is unlikely we will be able to implement this any time soon. While it's very simple from the user perspective, like a "Dynamic allocation" check box, there is a number of challenges involved, especially since we want our RAM Disk to be always stable and reliable.

Re: Dynamic memory management   13 May 2020, 05:06

Well, come on! ~Hard work! ~
Looking forward to SoftPerfect RAM disk with more powerful functions, we will go with you and hope to test it for us as soon as possible!

Re: Dynamic memory management   24 May 2020, 20:20

It's OK. It's a lot of work. You can release the beta first. We're happy to help test the new features.

Re: Dynamic memory management   19 October 2021, 15:05

Please add this functionality. I have to use ImDisk because it can dynamically allocate memory, but it is less convenient and does not support some features because it is outdated.

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