Advantages of SoftPerfect RAM Disk

Started by Michael


Advantages of SoftPerfect RAM Disk   20 May 2020, 09:53

I'm currently testing your SoftPerfect RAM Disk tool and it works very well.
However, there is also "ImDisk Toolkit" tool that does this job for free. What extra functions or advantages will I have if I buy SoftPerfect RAM Disk instead?

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Re: Advantages of SoftPerfect RAM Disk   20 May 2020, 11:05

Being RAMdisk tools, SoftPerfect RAM Disk and IMDisk naturally have similar functionality. However, in an application like RAMdisk, it is not the number of features that is important, but rather its performance and stability of operation.

We regularly receive feedback form users saying that, after trying a few different RAMdisk apps, they found ours works best for them, that it is the fastest and/or the most reliable and stable.

It is true that SoftPerfect RAM Disk in one of the fastest on the market, and that can be measured and proven with various tests. We, however, prefer not make comprehensive stability and reliability claims, because there is a small probability that someone may have hardware or other software installed that would not work well with our RAM Disk. Any RAMdisk tool has to operate at the very deep level in the system, so there is always a chance of compatibility issues.

This is why we offer our RAM Disk as a fully functional 30-day trial: every user has a good opportunity to thoroughly test how well our RAM Disk works with their particular computer setup, and then make an informed decision to purchase a licence. The fully-functional trial also means there are no extra features after you purchase a licence.; the licence simply lets you continue using the program beyond the trial period.

We welcome and encourage everyone to try other tools and compare, so that each user ends up choosing an application that works best for them. If ImDisk works well for you, of course you could go with the free solution. Or, at the very least, test them both and compare.

Below is a screen shot of a test performed with DiskMark. Our RAM Disk outperforms ImDisk in most tests, especially randomised I/O, where our product is 3 times faster. You can easily repeat the test on your computer and decide which product suits you better.

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Alfredo Bianco

Re: Advantages of SoftPerfect RAM Disk   18 September 2020, 09:54

I thought I'd say 'thankyou' for your detailed explanations here and in many other topics. I tried 3 different RAM drive programs and chose Softperfect in the end. It worked well with my hardware setup. But also the fact that your site has good help pages and that you explain everything clearly and promptly fix discovered bugs was a huge plus!
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Re: Advantages of SoftPerfect RAM Disk   18 September 2020, 22:37

Thank you for the compliments Alfredo. It is always nice to hear that users appreciate our efforts. smile

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