Norton Security false positive flagging

Started by Mkn


Norton Security false positive flagging   05 August 2020, 19:40

Norton is grumbling over the latest v4.1.1 installer. It is flagging up on one of its heuristic checks the installer's temporary file as suspicious and blocks by default.

These heuristic checks are often troublesome (sometimes useful though) so just a heads up as I've not had this with the RAM Disk setup before during upgrades. Maybe worth SoftPerfect reporting this as spurious assuming all is well with the current download.
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Re: Norton Security false positive flagging   05 August 2020, 20:05

We do report false positives to antivirus vendors right away, and encourage all users to report such false detections as well. The more people send reports to antivirus vendors at fault, the faster they normally resolve the issue. Some detections like WS.Reputation.1 (like this one is from Norton) resolve by themselves over time.

We also scan files with a large array of antivirus products aggregated in VirusTotal service and it reports zero detections at the moment, including Norton/Symantec.

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