How to remove RAM drive after the free trial has expired

Started by Robert


I would like to delete the RAM drive I made using SoftPerfect RAM Disk trial software. The free trial has expired, but I decided I will use my computer without any RAM disk software. So now I want to regain the 16GB memory space taken up by the RAM drive. I need to somehow gain access to the RAM Disk software to delete the RAM drive through it. Can this be done without a licence, after the free trial time has lapsed?

Thank you
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Re: How to remove RAM drive after the free trial has expired   30 November 2020, 11:05

Yes, all our software can be removed without purchasing a licence, even after the trial has ended. At SoftPerfect, we strongly believe that users should be able to test software products without pressure or purchasing obligations, and freely delete the software when they no longer need it.

Our RAM Disk application can be removed like any other Windows application. Go to Apps & features, locate RAM Disk, and click Uninstall. And uninstalling the RAM Disk software will remove the RAM drives you created with it, and will free the RAM.

If it says the application is running, you will need to close the RAM Disk app before uninstalling it. This can be done via one of the following:
  • the RAM Disk icon in the Windows notification area;
  • by terminating the RAM Disk process. For this, press Ctrl + Alt + Del, then click Task Manager, then open the Details tab, locate the ramdisk.exe process, select it and click End Task.
After that, you should be able to remove it from your computer.

You may also find this RAM Disk uninstallation guide helpful if you wish to check whether the standard Windows uninstaller has correctly cleared out all the traces of the application.

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