How to use RAMDisk for suspended browser tab session data

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How to use RAMDisk for suspended browser tab session data   17 January 2021, 11:05

I have just downloaded the RAM Disk trial and the Cache Redirector to give them a try for my browser cache. Looks like a great idea.

It got me wondering if and how to use RAM disk for browser extensions that store temp data. For example tab session managers that auto or manually suspend tabs temporarily. I regularly have ~50 tabs open as I do research, and save sets of tabs for later use. I see that when I am un-suspending and restoring tabs, it hits the disk hard. This of course is expected when restoring, but not for the sessions that are open already and I am just un-suspending them.

I thought it might make sense to use RAM disk for all that data. I investigated one of these, and they put temp data in the profile folder I believe, so not sure how or if my idea could be implements.

So, thought I would ask you folks. Please advise.
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Re: How to use RAMDisk for suspended browser tab session data   17 January 2021, 14:36

It is possible to redirect any folder to a RAM disk, but please bear in mind that RAM disks are volatile. Everything stored there will be gone after system shutdown.

Having said that, if you wish to move some of the profile subfolders to the RAM Disk, you could create a symbolic link:
  1. Close your web-browser.
  2. Open an admin command prompt.
  3. CD to the browser's profile folder.
  4. Move the folder you want to the RAM disk by typing something like this, where R: is your RAM disk:
      move source-folder-name R:\target-folder-name  
  5. Create a symbolic link by typing:
      mklink /D move source-folder-name R:\target-folder-name  
This is similar to what our Cache Relocator does. Alternatively you can use Windows Explorer to move the files and this shell extension to create symbolic links.

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