Mounting RAM disk to a directory instead of a drive letter

Started by Oliver


I'd like to know if your RAM Disk product supports (or if you are planning to support) the mounting of a user RAM disk on a folder location, rather than just a drive letter. I ask this because I'd like to use it in my user profile folder for storing temporary web downloads, and that's most practically done as a filesystem mount on a directory rather than as a drive letter.

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Re: Mounting RAM disk to a directory instead of a drive letter   01 February 2021, 11:38

It is not supported directly, i.e. you can't assign a RAM disk to a folder from within the product. However, for your use case you could use symbolic links, with which any directory could be mapped to a RAM disk.

For example, you have your RAM disk at R:\ and the folder you want to point to RAM disk is C:\some\folder. Simply open a command prompt as admin and type:
MKLINK /D C:\some\folder R:\
This will create a symbolic link and any access to C:\some\folder will end up being read from and written to the RAM disk at R:\

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