UEFI RAM disk or OS boot loader driver

Started by steveb

UEFI RAM disk or OS boot loader driver   22 September 2021, 17:34

Would it be possible for you to add support for installing an OS into a RAM disk? I was thinking a UEFI RAM disk or OS boot manager RAMdisk driver. This would have a decent increase in performance than using a RAM cache with 100% l1 cache.

Thank you.
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Re: UEFI RAM disk or OS boot loader driver   22 September 2021, 19:23

No, our RAM Disk requires a functioning copy of Windows to run on, so it can't be used to create a RAM disk on bare metal.

The only workaround is to run a virtual machine like VM Workstation or Oracle Virtual Box on Windows and place a disk image on a RAM disk. Essentially there will be two OS running: Windows as host OS from SSD and any other OS as guest from RAM.

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