"The volume for a file has been externally altered" error

Started by Claudiu


I have a very serious problem. After a restart, the image file became corrupted and my backup software failed to take that image file while it was in use. I now have an error saying: "The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid. Image status = Image header is corrupted or not accessible"

I tried recovery software, I tried mounting the image with a 4096 B offset, but no luck.

Any other ideas?

I realized that my image file was altered by a virus. Therefore this issue is not related to the RAM Disk.
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Re: "The volume for a file has been externally altered" error - Resolved   16 November 2021, 11:16

I am sorry to hear about the virus in your system. If mounting the image file at 4096 byte offset did not work, it is likely that the file system was damaged beyond repair. Especially if what you've got is a ransomware type of malware; they can encrypt parts of the file in an attempt to extort money.

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