Cloning a virtual machine to a RAM drive

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Cloning a virtual machine to a RAM drive   20 February 2022, 04:15

Running workstation 15.5 on Win 10, have created a virtual Win 10 machine on my physical hard drive, created a RAM drive using ImDisk of 22GB (I have 32gb of RAM) create fine host computer detects and works ok, however when I try and create a full clone of my virtual Win 10 machine on the RAMdrive, VMware gives me the following error "An error occurred while cloning: One of the parameters supplied is invalid."
I follow exactly the same process one a another physical drive and no problems at all, fully clones and works well.

Any ideas welcome.
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Re: Cloning a virtual machine to a RAM drive   20 February 2022, 08:24

I am afraid we can't help with ImDisk, it's not our product.

However, if a similar issue happens with our RAM Disk, it's probably because VMware uses Volume Shadow Copy (VSS), which doesn't work on standalone volumes. I recommend one of these options as a workaround:
  • Shutdown the VM and copy it to the RAM disk using regular file copy; or
  • In the RAM disk properties tick the Hard Disk Emulation option and remount the disk.

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The latter is slightly slower in terms of performance, but with the HDD emulation the RAM disk will be indistinguishable from a physical drive.

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