C++ Redistributable crashes

Started by Robert J. W.

Robert J. W.

C++ Redistributable crashes   09 August 2022, 09:54

As soon as I point the Temp directory to my RAM drive (A:TEMP; I took the letter "A" for RAMdrive), the C++ Redistributable library crashes.

I tested my RAM and all looks good. Do you have any suggestion where to look for the problem? Can this be that the system tries to access the Temp directory but it is not yet initialised?

After I run the software again (sometimes twice), all is good again.
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Re: C++ Redistributable crashes   09 August 2022, 10:02

It really depends. If the program starts automatically with Windows, it may be that it tries to access a temp folder that is not yet available.

Firstly, if %TEMP% points, to A:\TEMP then it must exist. Otherwise apps may fail. It's better to use a different letter like R:\, since A:\ was historically allocated to a floppy drive and has its quirks with caching and special processing in the kernel.

Secondly, if you are using a logon-time RAM disk and don't have a good reason for this choice, it's better to use a boot-time disk instead. It would initialise earlier be readily available for apps to use.

Thirdly, some apps want a full disk and are not happy with a standalone volume. In that case, enabling 'HDD emulation' in RAM Disk properties would help.

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