Saving contents to image and unmounting disk on shutdown

Started by arbyk44

Saving contents to image and unmounting disk on shutdown   31 August 2022, 02:26

I am evaluating the trial version and I am new to the RAM disk concept. I searched the forum for answers to these questions; if they were answered I guess I didn't quite "get it." So, here's what I need to know.

I am using RAM disk to contain my Firefox profile only. I have it set to 'Save contents back to the image' every 10 minutes.

But let's say I should choose to do a shutdown in between that 10 minute interval.

At Shutdown does Ramdisk automatically do a 'Save contents back to the image'? Or, do I have to make sure I do that manually beforehand? Or, is there a command I can put in a shutdown script to execute that?

Also at shutdown, what about unmounting the image? Does Windows or RAM Disk automatically unmount the RAM disk? Or, again, do I have to do that manually or via a command in a shutdown script?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Saving contents to image and unmounting disk on shutdown   31 August 2022, 08:22

The settings work as follows:
  • With Save Contents to Image enabled, all data are automatically saved upon shutdown or reboot.
  • In addition to that, if the periodic saving has been enabled via the Advanced button, all data are automatically saved at the set interval.
  • On shutdown, the RAM disk is unmounted and its contents is gone.
  • At startup, if the RAM disk had been tied with an image, the data are read from the image back to the RAM disk.

It's worth noting that for performance reasons we use differential saving where possible, so only changed blocks are written to the SSD/hard disk.

By the way, it's a good point you mentioned. We will rename Save Contents to Image to Save Contents on Shutdown to more accurately reflect what it does.

Re: Saving contents to image and unmounting disk on shutdown   26 September 2022, 08:31

Sorry for the delayed thank you.
I had been using the old free version and had been having regular problems with the Firefox profile. Windows would tell me there was a "problem" with the drive the RAMdisk was on and I had to keep "fixing" it. Since I installed your latest trial version, almost a month ago, I have not had one single issue. It's been "Perfect." smile I just bought a Home license.
Thanks again for the pre-sale support!

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