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Java Virtual Machine Launcher error "Could not create the Java virtual machine"

Started by John B.

When my Temp folder is set to use a SoftPerfect RAM Disk image, if I launch Duplicate Image Remover Free program, it fails to run and causes an error message from Java Virtual Machine Launcher "Could not create the Java virtual machine".

When I change my Temp folder to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp, this problem does not happen.

RAM Disk 4.3.3 64-bit
Windows 10 Pro 21H2
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Re: Java Virtual Machine Launcher error "Could not create the Java virtual machine"   18 October 2022, 10:49

We have tested SoftPerfect RAM Disk with Duplicate Image Remover, and everything works perfectly well.

Please make sure that:
  • Your RAM disk has enough space available.
  • The folder referenced in your %TEMP% and %TMP% variables exists.
To check %TEMP% and %TMP% references, press Win+R or Start, type Run and launch it, then enter %TEMP% and press Ok. If the destination temporary folder exits and has been referenced correctly, Windows will open that folder. If not, you will get an error.
After that, repeat the same process with %TMP%.

By the way, if you use your RAM disk purely for temporary files, you don't need an image file for it. RAM disk images are required only when the user uses the RAM disk for some data that needs to be saved between sessions. Otherwise, without an associated image, RAM disk works even faster.

P.S. A note for those who may be reading this and get confused about different images: a RAM disk image file is a persistent copy of the data located on the RAM disk. It can, amongst other things, contain graphic image files (pictures, photos, etc), but a RAM disk image and a graphic image are NOT the same thing.

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