"At Logon" vs "At Startup" - differences and timing

Started by HeeroYuy

"At Logon" vs "At Startup" - differences and timing   20 December 2022, 17:29

Hello everyone,

I just want to know what the difference between "At Logon" and "At Startup" is under Automatic Creation in RAM disk Mount Options.

What is meant by "startup"? Booting the system, loading Windows, or starting the program right from autostart? What comes first and is mounted earlier?

Thanks and best regards,
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Re: "At Logon" vs "At Startup" - differences and timing   20 December 2022, 22:06

It's pretty much what their names suggest:
  • At Startup disk will be created early in the system boot process. It will be available before a user logs in and even if no one logs in. The latter is especially useful in a server environment. In other words, users logging on and off have no effect on the disk. This is the recommended disk type since it's available earlier it can be used by all apps and system services.
  • At Logon disk will be created later, when a user logs in. It may take some time from login to the moment the disk becomes available. The disk will be unmounted upon logging off.

Re: "At Logon" vs "At Startup" - differences and timing   20 December 2022, 22:18

Thanks for the answer.

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