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Not creating all folders on startup

Started by Mkn


Not creating all folders on startup   15 March 2023, 18:12

I have RAM Disk set to create folders on a particular RAM drive: 'Temp' and 'Temp/Chief Architect'.

This used to work fine, but at some point it stopped creating the subfolder on start, so there is now only the root Temp. I've only just noticed it as the various versions of Chief Architect software just reverted back to their default location when their folder was missing.

Oddly, if I remount the folder, then both folder levels are created as expected.

Easy to workaround with a script of change to a single level structure, but wondering if this is expected?

Using v4.3.3
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Re: Not creating all folders on startup   16 March 2023, 09:30

If you are using a forward slash, i.e. Temp/Chief Architect as you wrote above, please try with a backslash, i.e. Temp\Chief Architect, and let us know if this helps. On Windows, file and folder paths use backslash.

If this doesn't solve the problem, please send us your exact disk configuration by choosing File - Export Disks from the main menu, and we will investigate this issue.

Re: Not creating all folders on startup   20 March 2023, 23:02

The forward slash in my example was a typo - too much switching between Windows and Linux PCs/VMs!

I've just gone for single level folders for now and changed all versions of the applicable app to use the new path.

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