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Occasionally losing drive letter

Started by CurtisWalter

Occasionally losing drive letter   02 August 2023, 09:39

Sometimes, about 2 or 3 times a week, I notice the 8Gb drive is still mounted but with no drive letter. I must un-mount and re-mount the drive to continue working. I am glad it auto saves every hour, so at the most I only lose 59 minutes of work.

I have my Windows temp files on it and my Google Chrome profiles on there too. Sometimes when I un-mount and re-mount I get a BSOD and sometimes not.

What would make it do this? Is there a log file I can reference?

Win 10 up to date, I9, 32Gb ram, 4 HD's etc.

Thank You
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Re: Occasionally losing drive letter   02 August 2023, 16:34

It is highly unusual for a drive letter to disappear. We use our own RAM Disk application all the time, and have never experienced this issue.

To clarify further, when you say the drive is still mounted but without a drive letter, do you mean that the drive appears in Disk Management or File Explorer without a drive letter assigned to it? If possible, could you provide a screenshot or more details on how it looks in such situations?

Re: Occasionally losing drive letter   03 August 2023, 01:04

I took a "before" screenshot. As soon as it does it again I will post the "after".
Thank You

Re: Occasionally losing drive letter   09 August 2023, 23:27

This morning this is the screen.
It still shows a Z drive but it does not show up in file manager and is not there in command prompt.
I will have to reboot to correct.
open | download – Normal_1.jpg (72.7 KB)
open | download – not_normal1.jpg (61.5 KB)
open | download – no_z.jpg (41.9 KB)
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Re: Occasionally losing drive letter   10 August 2023, 10:09

Indeed that looks odd. Since mentioned this morning, do you place your computer to sleep or hibernation?

Perhaps this issue occurs after waking the computer up? If so, I would recommend executing this command in an admin command prompt and rebooting:
powercfg /h off
This will effectively disable hibernation and so called 'hybrid boot' that are known to cause system issues to some users. This will also reduce the amount of data written to your SSD and extend its lifespan.

Re: Occasionally losing drive letter   12 August 2023, 08:34

I executed the command.
I do not let it hibernate or sleep as I run a distributed computing app 24/7 on the ram drive.
BOINC app World Community Grid searching for childhood cancer cures.

I re-booted and I will post if it happens again.

Thank You!

Re: Occasionally losing drive letter   16 August 2023, 09:27

Again today.... Was working fine at lunchtime.
Checked at 7:24 pm and this again.
open | download – not_normal08-15-20237pm.jpg (212.9 KB)
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Re: Occasionally losing drive letter   17 August 2023, 20:47

Looks like it's something unrelated to hibernation then.

Unfortunately in our extensive tests, we never encountered an issue where the RAM Disk app lost its disk letter. Given that this occurrence seems to be random on your system and did not manifest during our tests, it would be exceptionally challenging for us to debug or reproduce the issue.

We understand how crucial reliability is for our users, and while we strive to provide the best possible experience, sometimes unforeseen issues can arise on specific systems.

Given the circumstances, we would like to offer you a full refund for the purchase. Please let us know if you'd like to proceed with this, or if there's any other way we can assist you further.

Re: Occasionally losing drive letter   20 August 2023, 09:16

I will continue to use your product as it is backing up every hour. I will set it to 15 min and live with it. If, however, you run into this issue in the future and acquire a solution please let me know. wink
If I figure it out I will post the solution as well.

Thank you!
Curtis Walter
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Re: Occasionally losing drive letter   25 August 2023, 20:56

Thank you too. If you figure it out, or at least notice some correlation between this issue and something else, please do let us know. It might be very helpful in finding the solution.

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