Missing data in XML export

Started by Marcus

Missing data in XML export   27 August 2023, 02:19

<label></label> is missing
<folders/> is empty but folders are existing
One file is existent but the tag is missing
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Re: Missing data in XML export   27 August 2023, 10:32

Most likely you have a RAM disk associated with an image file. In this case a disk label or folders will not be exported in XML because this information is stored in the image file and is not a part of the disk configuration.

For a regular volatile RAM disk, it should work flawlessly and exactly as you expect. For example, this configuration:

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Becomes the following XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Re: Missing data in XML export   27 August 2023, 18:56

Thanks Andrew,
I am now working without Image, it is easier. The only thing I used together with Image was to have an Z:\tmp.txt file with some contents at the beginning. My workaround is to copy C:\etc\tmp.txt -> Z:\tmp.txt on the fly when I first access Z:\tmp.txt.

Maybe you think about an option to do copy actions like the folder creation, for example the XML result:

<copy>"C:\etc\tmp.txt" "\tmp.txt"</copy>

Regards Marcus
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Re: Missing data in XML export   27 August 2023, 19:10

Sorry I am a little confused with what you are trying to achieve. The XML files are used to transfer a RAM disk configuration from one computer to another. There is really no point in having "copy" commands in it.

If you want to copy some files to a volatile RAM disk upon login, this can be done via Tools - Applications - Add. The RAM Disk app will execute all programs listed there when all RAM disks are mounted. Say, you could create a batch file that copies all files you need to a RAM disk and have it launched by the RAM Disk app once all RAM disks are ready.

If you are trying to achieve something else, please let me know and I will recommend the best way to do it.

Re: Missing data in XML export   28 August 2023, 04:47

Yes I know that I can write a batch and use Tools - Applications - Add, but

<copy>"C:\etc\tmp.txt" "\tmp.txt"</copy>

is easier because no programming is necessary, only you have to program wink

For me I have my workaround, perhaps other users may want it.

Regards Marcus

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