Silent installation

Started by Joe


Silent installation   19 April 2013, 03:42

Is there a way to perform a silent installation of Communication Emulator on Windows 7?

I have tried connection_emulator_setup.exe /verysilent which sort of works but I still get prompted with a Windows Security Prompt "Always trust software from "SOFTPERFECT PTY. LTD" checkbox.
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Re: Silent installation   19 April 2013, 11:14

That's a system prompt that the installer has no control over. It however can be easily suppressed.

I am attaching our certificate, with which you will just need to launch the following command before installing the software itself:

certutil -addstore "TrustedPublisher" sp.cer

This will add the certificate to the list of trusted publishers and the system won't pop that confirmation during the software's installation.

I also have updated the installation package to do it automatically, so alternatively you can download a fresh build from the home page.
It now should suppress any prompts during a silent installation.
open | download – (1.1 KB)

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