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Introducing lag in VR game

Started by Hristo


Introducing lag in VR game   17 January 2018, 13:55


I'd like to test the response of people to a multiplayer VR game under limited network. Essentially, I'd like to be able to control the lag (20ms, 50ms, 100ms, etc.) while they play the multiplayer game. I believe that the Connection Emulator software you provide will serve my purpose, however I'd like to know your input on the matter and your thoughts regarding my requirements.

Thank you
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Re: Introducing lag in VR game   17 January 2018, 13:56

The Connection Emulator can definitely add extra latency to your network link, though that depends on how this VR equipment is connected. The software has to physically pass-through traffic to add latency to individual packets, so one way would be installing it on the sever (if it runs Windows) or on a intermediate computer through which the traffic is routed.

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