Virtual machine and cloud installation - choosing the right licence

Started by Kunalan

We want to install Connection Emulator in Azure, which license type must we purchase? Is Single Device Licence suitable for cloud installation or do we need a Site License? Also with the single device license can we uninstall and reinstall to another server / virtual machine?

We are planning to install on only one Azure node. But each time we restart the Azure VM the underlying hardware or config can change. Are SoftPerfect licenses tied to any hardware related parameter like MAC address?
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Re: Virtual machine and cloud installation - choosing the right licence   19 February 2018, 12:57

A single device licence is sufficient for this scenario and should work fine. It supports cloud installation (in this context cloud = virtual machine).

Our licences are not tied to any hardware. At SoftPerfect, we respect the fact that people may purchase new hardware or may need to reinstall the software for various reasons; so we prefer not to complicate life of our customers by using any sort of locking. You can uninstall, reinstall and move the software to any node as often as you like.

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