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How to specify network interface via command line

Started by Pioxan


How to specify network interface via command line   07 April 2018, 01:21

Hi. I would like to perform automated tests using Connection Emulator.

As tests may happen under different circumstances I need to modify test parameters via editing XML profile and run application from CLI.
All values in XML seems to be pretty straightforward, except cardindex which seems to be index in combobox of available network interfaces.

Is there a way to specify network interface by name, or maybe some other way to figure out this number without starting an application?
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Re: How to specify network interface via command line   09 April 2018, 12:45

That is a good idea. W have just modified the XML file parser so that an interface name can be specified.

Now you can do something like this:
  <cardindex>Local Area Connection</cardindex>
If a number is specified, it is treated as the interface index in the drop-down list. If a name is specified, the software will select an interface with that name. The name is case-insensitive.

You can download the update here.
It works very well, thank you.

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