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Connection Emulator and ICA Protocol

Started by Jacob C

Jacob C

Connection Emulator and ICA Protocol   03 May 2018, 23:42

I am a solution architect, we currently have a use case of attempting to simulate an offshore connection (India) from within the states and are looking for tools to help with this cause. There are a ton of tools that throttle http connections but I am wondering if Connection Emulator can also throttle an ICA protocol connection. We are using Citrix to connect with our offshore partners and need to find a way to throttle that connection in a lab setting. Further information is much appreciated.
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Re: Connection Emulator and ICA Protocol   03 May 2018, 23:43

As far as I understand the ICA protocol runs natively over TCP port 1494. So you could simply create a filter to apply to TCP connections only and to port 1494 and simulate connectivity issues like latency and dropouts.

The tools you mentioned are usually browser extensions or proxy servers. Our Connection Emulator is different as it uses a network driver to intercept all network connections. This allows it to apply simulations at the packet level and simulate real-world-like communication links.

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