Distribution of emulated latencies

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Distribution of emulated latencies   29 April 2019, 14:00

Just a couple of questions about the emulated latency distributions:

a) When on the Latency tab we check Enable Latency, and set the Latency to be Random between Delay From (A) and Delay To (B) with a correlation of 0%, will we get a "uniform" random distribution of latencies between A and B? Will the mean of this distribution be (A + B)/2?

b) Is there a way to inject emulated latencies using a standard characterized distribution, such as "Normal" distribution, or long-tailed distribution such as a Weibull distribution?
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Re: Distribution of emulated latencies   29 April 2019, 14:04

a) Yes, with correlation set to 0%, it will be a simple distribution of independent random latencies within the "from" and "to" range. In a large enough sample its mean will tend to ("from" + "to")/2.

b) No, at present there is no feature for choosing other distributions.

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