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How to configure the Emulator

Started by Sam


How to configure the Emulator   23 May 2019, 05:50


I have "Device A" which communicates to the cloud; and a laptop (with the Emulator software, version 1.5.5, licensed) on the same network that the Device A is on (with two NIC's). I need to measure how much Device A is transmitting to the cloud, and how much it is receiving from the cloud. How can I configure the software to accomplish this?

I believe I need to BRIDGE connection and also setup a filter, but not sure. In my trial something did not work and it shows 0Kb In / Out. Can you provide me with the necessary software settings? And how should the computer be connected?

Thank you so much.

Drawing of my physical setup:
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Re: How to configure the Emulator   23 May 2019, 13:50

Perhaps the filter doesn't match the protocol details the device is using.

How about running the bridge with the filter turned off? Anything shown under Network Flow?

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Re: How to configure the Emulator   23 May 2019, 23:13

Yes, if the filter is off I can see the activity...
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Re: How to configure the Emulator   24 May 2019, 11:01

If there is activity when the filter is off, there are two possibilities:
  1. The filter is not correct or it doesn't match your device's traffic. If you could provide more details on how you defined the filter and what protocol your device uses, I may be able to tell more; or
  2. With NIC A and NIC B both plugged into the router, the device's traffic may never reach the emulator. When you turn the filter off, you see activity but that's just some other traffic not related to the device. Obviously, in that case, the filter will capture nothing.

It's best to connect the device directly to NIC A or NIC B, in which case its traffic is guaranteed to pass through the emulator. No filter is needed in this setup because nothing other than the device is connected to the bridge.

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