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Connection Emulator and Jenkins Agent

Started by Chethan


Connection Emulator and Jenkins Agent   02 August 2019, 02:40


I'm having an issue while using Connection Emulator that it just terminates the Jenkins agent process as explained below:

Scenario 1: I have jenkins agent set up in Windows 2012 machine where connection emulator is installed. I run a python script through jenkins pipeline to set the latency and open the connection emulator using " subprocess.Popen(["schtasks","/Run","/TN","StartNetworkEmulator"]) ", which opens emulator from windows task scheduler as a last step.
Once the connection emulator is opened, it interferes with the jenkins agent process / port and terminates the jenkins agent and master communication. I have to close the emulator and restart the jenkins agent windows service to make agent communicate with jenkins master.

Scenario 2: There are no jenkins jobs or pipeline running. Jenkins agent is active and connected to Master.
When I open and run Connection emulator manually by going C:\Program Files, the jenkins agent and master communication is broken.

This is blocking the automation work for me in the new Jenkins set up. Can you please guide me on possible fix?

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Re: Connection Emulator and Jenkins Agent   02 August 2019, 08:53

I am not familiar with Jenkins, but it sounds like some of the parameters you set also affect Jenkins' own connection. Let's say if you have enabled packet loss and high latency, it will apply to every connection from and to the machine where the emulator is installed.

Perhaps try setting up a filter in the emulator, so that it only affects the tested application(s) rather than every connection?

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