Command Line Interface (CLI) installation and license keys

Started by Florent

We are planning to buy one license for SoftPerfect Connection Emulator to do some latency tests. We will install it on one Windows 7 computer. Later in the month we will need to do a test on another Windows 7 computer. Is there a way to reuse the same license?

After that, we would like to scale the product up to more workstations and have the capability to install it with CLI. The issue we will have when trying to develop a PowerShell script to do that is that the Emulator license is per-user level, not workstation level. How can we make this work? Do we need to buy a site license?
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Re: Command Line Interface (CLI) installation and license keys   13 December 2019, 12:57

Moving the licence to another computer

If at some point you want to move the software from one computer to another, that's absolutely fine. For that, you simply should install the software on the old computer and then install it on the new machine and re-enter the licence key. We do not use node-locking or limit the number of install/uninstall cycles. No Internet connection or contacting us is required for activation.

The single-device licence allows you to install and use the software on one device only at any given time, therefore by uninstalling it first on the old computer you will be using the licence correctly.

CLI installation

The Connection Emulator supports CLI both in the installer and in the product itself.

The installer supports command line parameters like /SILENT and /VERYSILENT to allow unattended installation. Here is a complete list of all available setup parameters.

The product itself supports a few command line switches for automated testing.

Licensing information can also be set unattended, either for the current user or for all users. Please see this forum thread for details.

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