Maximum speed capability

Started by Steve


Maximum speed capability   21 April 2021, 12:05

What are the speed limitations of this Connection Emulator (if any)? Will it work correctly with a dual (bridged) 10G NIC? What about 25G or 40G dual port NICS, and 2.5G/5G too?

Primarily I am looking for a solution to emulate additional latency due to distance, in the path of two switches, and would want to do this now using 10G (and perhaps 1G if only single device under test) for a one-off consultancy project. But future needs might include 25G or 40/50G, maybe way off yet but would like to understand anyway. I know some of these higher speeds may seem excessive now.
Many thanks.
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Re: Maximum speed capability   21 April 2021, 12:11

In general, our software can't handle more than 1 Gbps due to the implementation of packet processing in user mode. I am not aware of any tools that support latency emulation at such high speeds. It would require some highly specialised purpose-built hardware, so it is unlikely that there is any software in existence that can do it.

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