Adding a delay in peer-to-peer games

Started by Robert


Adding a delay in peer-to-peer games   11 February 2022, 01:42

Okay so your Connection Emulator is able to cause packet loss and throttle on peer-to-peer games. What I want to accomplish is the ability to delay my response time so I don't die or lag out really fast, and I'm able to cause lag and have the other person freeze up with corruption and packet loss. I'm just trying figure out what settings I would need to be able to cause it for a long period of time without losing connection.

The thing is when the opposite person is doing the same thing and I turn mines off I die bc they still have theirs on and I end up lagging out or being killed.
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Re: Adding a delay in peer-to-peer games   11 February 2022, 09:34

We wouldn't be able to help you with this as online games are not our area of expertise.

Instead of the Connection Emulator software, I could recommend taking a look at our NetGenius product. It will let you set a delay (also know as latency or ping time) on any app or game. Then you can tweak the delays and pick what works for you. You can try setting a delay on your browser and see how it changes ping time in the speed test.

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