Entry point BIO_clear_flags cannot be found in LIBEAY32.dll

Started by alainco

Since last update of wifiguard it cannot start and shows a message: "Entry point BIO_clear_flags cannot be found in LIBEAY32.dll" (my message is in French locale so not sure of the wording)

This lib seems to be about SSL. I found nothing about wifiguard on that problem. Does anyone have a similar problem?
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Re: Entry point BIO_clear_flags cannot be found in LIBEAY32.dll   08 November 2014, 22:16

It looks like there is a broken global OpenSSL installation on your system. Although WiFi Guard does not require OpenSSL and uses it only if it's available, there are two possible scenarios here:
  1. There is no OpenSSL. It simply disables sending secure emails and does not display any alerts.
  2. There is a global OpenSSL installation. It makes use of it for sending secure emails.

You can either remove the current global installation or download the latest version of those from the OpenSSL web-site. Choose Win32 OpenSSL v1.0.1j Light or Win64 OpenSSL v1.0.1j Light, depending on the bitness of your Windows and WiFi Guard. Install it on your system and the problem should go away.
Thanks, it solved the problem. ok, yes, thumb up
I installed win32 and win64 version 1.0.1j
I don't know from which software came that broken openssl, but it should be better anyway.

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