Error message: TConfigureStore: Unable to open the database file

Started by Greg


I cannot use Wifi guard since 1.06. I have a massage when i launch wifi guard:
TConfigureStore: Unable to open the database file: unable to open database file
Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption
Press Cancel to kill the program

If i click OK, i can choose my network adapter but it always shows that message and i can't scan anymore.

I installed VMware and i don't know if it could be the problem. I have three virtual adapters and one more for teamviewer.

If you need more information, let me know.

Thanks a lot
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Re: Error message: TConfigureStore: Unable to open the database file   13 August 2015, 19:48

Just try downloading the fresh build and launch it again. We had this error in for a few days after the initial 1.0.6 release.
Hi and thank you for your answer. For the moment, the 1.0.6 remains so I'll wait for the new version.


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