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Suggestion: import comments from Network Scanner friendly names

Started by Rob

I have recently discovered Network Scanner and have found it easy to use and unlike a few other scanners it picks up everything on the network (so far). Thank you.

I have gone through and allocated a friendly name to all the devices against mac address. Having tried out WiFiGuard it seems like it might be a good way to keep an eye on the network with less impact than Live Display in the scanner and could just run permanently.

If this is the case it would be good if the comments field in WiFiGuard could be imported from the friendly names in Network Scanner either directly or by export and import. Ours is just a home network but with all the phones tablets laptops PVRs etc there is usually 15 or so devices online. I will probably copy and paste them but for a bigger network that would be frustrating.
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Re: Suggestion: import comments from Network Scanner friendly names   23 August 2015, 19:32

I suppose few users of WiFi Guard also use our Network Scanner. You see, WiFi Guard is basically designed for home users, while the Network Scanner is aimed for power users and network administrators.

Having said that, thank you for your suggestion and if more people want it, we'll add this feature later on.

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