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Started by Craig


Export to CSV   28 December 2015, 11:54

Would it be possible to add an option to export the complete device list to a CSV file format ?

Alternatively if you can point me in the direction of a tool I can use to convert the XML file format to CSV format, as every XML to CSV converter I have tried cannot convert to the XML code to a single line per device.

PS. I love the ability to automatically detect when new devices connect to my network so easily.. Gotta love WiFi Guard smile
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Re: Export to CSV   28 December 2015, 17:37

Thank you for the suggestion. It is easy to add.

Please download the latest build and you will be able to export the device list to CSV.

Re: Export to CSV   28 December 2015, 22:47

Thanks Andrew, that works great, I can now export to CSV very easily.

PS. I also like that you have moved to SQLite, as I've just realized I could have also exported the data directly from the DB... although having the option within the application is much more convenient... Awesome job!

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