How to get a missing/hidden column back

Started by Scott


How to get a missing/hidden column back   15 July 2019, 11:21

This should be a fairly easy question I hope. My software at one point had a column in its display that showed devices names. I shrunk it down because I didn't need the names then. Now I noticed the column is gone. I can't find anywhere in the settings how to insert this column or get it back. Any suggestions besides reinstalling to start fresh and hopefully get it back that way?
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Re: How to get a missing/hidden column back   15 July 2019, 11:34

When you were shrinking the column, the column's width could have been set to zero, and the column thus became invisible. This should be easy to fix.
  1. Close WiFi Guard if it's running.
  2. Download SQLite Spy. This will allow you to open and edit WiFi Guard's database file.
  3. Launch SQLite Spy and go to File - Open Database and enter
      %LOCALAPPDATA%\WiFi Guard\WiFi Guard.DB  
  4. You will see four tables. Double-click the table named CONFIG. You will see several parameters: ViewColWidth0, ViewColWidth1 and so on. These are the widths of columns. You can select the one that's too small or zero, press the F2 key and change its width to something bigger.
  5. Close SQLite Spy and start WiFi Guard. The missing column should be back in place.

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