Explanation of the Scanning Options

Started by Buddel

Explanation of the Scanning Options   01 November 2022, 08:28

In WiFi Guard settings, the scanning options can be set to scan a certain number of devices simultaneously - "Scan this many devices simultaneously". What exactly does that mean and how does it work? I couldn't find anything in the user manual.

Another scanning option on the Advanced tab says it is possible to "Get web-page title from HTTP enabled devices". How do I get such "web-page titles" and where are they shown? Again, no information to be found in the user manual.

Thanks for your help in advance. smile
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Re: Explanation of the Scanning Options   01 November 2022, 09:08

Scan this many devices simultaneously option simply refers to the number of devices scanned in parallel.
A higher number will achieve a faster scanning but will use more computer resources, and vice versa. Usually there is no need to adjust this setting unless you have a reason to want WiFi Guard scans finish sooner or use fewer system resources.

Get web-page title from HTTP enabled devices option allows WiFi Guard to capture web-page title from devices that have a web-interface, to provide user with more information about such devices.
When a device is first discovered, WiFi Guard tries to get its name to help the user recognise it. However some devices don't have names assigned to them. In such case, if a device doesn't have a name but has a web-interface, WiFi Guard fetches the web-page title. Usually those titles say something like "Welcome to XXX" or "Login to XXX", so the user may recognise XXX as their device.

Re: Explanation of the Scanning Options   01 November 2022, 10:30

Thank you very much for your useful explanations. Much appreciated.

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