How to clear MAC-address database and refresh error counters

Started by Rene

1) How can I clear the MAC address database?

2) How can I refresh the errors and discards columns?
I scanned a Cisco switch and it showed errors on several interfaces, then I cleared the counters of the interfaces in the switch and rescanned with switchport mapper. It still shows the same number of errors.

I'm using Switch Port Mapper version 2.1.1 64-bit
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Re: How to clear MAC-address database and refresh error counters   08 January 2019, 15:33

The MAC address database is kept in %APPDATA%\SoftPerfect\Switch Port Mapper. You can simply delete the .DB file from that folder: this will prompt the creation of a a new database.

Regarding the error counters, it looks like the switch might have cached them somehow or hasn't updated the data that is reported via SNMP. I recommend checking the current contents of columns ifInErrors and ifOutErrors in ifTable with any other management tool, or rebooting the switch if possible.

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