How to scan multiple IP ranges

Started by Jeff


How to scan multiple IP ranges   19 March 2020, 11:27

One more question... when I scan a switch, a box pops up for me to pick the IP range to scan. I understand this is scanning against the MAC address table and pairing MAC addresses with IP addresses.

In our environment, we have many VLANs. One VLAN might be 172.19.44.xx and another VLAN might be 192.168.68.xx - two completely different networks address ranges. It looks like the pop up scanner will only let me pick one network at a time.

Is there a way to create a "group" of networks? Or perhaps once the scan is completed, can I tell it to rescan with a different IP range?
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Re: How to scan multiple IP ranges   19 March 2020, 12:03

There is a way to add and scan several IP ranges at once. Simply click the Add button in the bottom-left corner of the scan dialog:

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