Switch name is missing in CSV file export

Started by mathew1


Switch name is missing in CSV file export   29 May 2020, 19:24


I'm scanning five switches with the GUI version of Switch Port Mapper. I can see the switch hostame on each line in the first column Port ID. Perfect!

But in the export to a CSV file of this scan result i can't see the switch hostname on each line. I'm only getting port numbers in the first column Port ID, no switch name. I'm getting a switch hostname in the first line as a header, but no header line for the further switches. The header lines are ok (for all switches, not only the first switch), but the switch name also needs to be on each line.

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Re: Switch name is missing in CSV file export   30 May 2020, 12:01

Thank you, that's a good point - we have just fixed it. Now, when multiple switches are scanned at once, their names will also be present in CSV/HTML/JSON output next to port IDs.

You can download the new builds here and see if you are happy with the outcome.

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