No IP addresses, while MACs are listed multiple times

Started by Mike Z.

Mike Z.

No IP addresses, while MACs are listed multiple times   28 February 2022, 17:11


New user, hopefully I'm doing something silly. I'm trying to use the tool to figure out which switches have which devices plugged into them. I selected "Go", the six switches at our "Ruleme" location, let the scan run, wait for the results.

I have two issues:

1. Every one of the Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) that I checked show up five times in the list. The exact same MAC address and Client HW vendor (IP address and host name are blank).

2. No IP addresses!
I have configured the SNMP on our WatchGuard router correctly, as far as I can tell. When a scan runs, the status on the bottom of the app shows "Getting ipNetToMediaTable on" (the IP of the router), doesn't show an error, but the IPs never show up in the app.

I also noted that your site listed the following as three common OID types:

This really doesn't correspond to what I see from WatchGuard though.

I'm lost at what to do next.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
I just noticed that "MAC address database" list shows multiple entries for each MAC - some of them have blank IPs...

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Re: No IP addresses, while MACs are listed multiple times   28 February 2022, 17:52

Depending on how your switches are interconnected, the reason you see one MAC address multiple times might be this:
If, for example, you have device A connected to switch B in turn connected to switch C, it is possible that switch B would report device A, but switch B would too report device A as its MAC address came from switch B. I would recommend untangling this by scanning one switch at a time and see how the reports correspond with reality.

It looks like the Port Mapper was able to pull some MAC-to-IP mappings from the router as there is an IP address on your screen shot. Please try scanning one switch and the router at a time and let us know if the results make sense.

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