Using "scannet" command and file output in console

Started by Ronen

I have two questions:
1. Can you give the syntax of "scannet" command?
2. /output:filename.(xml|json|htm|csv|txt) - save mapping info to a file - gives me "Unable to open file "1.txt": Access is denied." How can I fix this?
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Re: Using "scannet" command and file output in console   02 June 2023, 09:37

The /scannet command activates network scanning following the mapping process and can take two forms:
  • /scannet without an IP range will scan the current subnet for resolving MAC addresses to IP addresses of connected devices;
  • /scannet with an IP address range, e.g. /scannet, will scan the specified range for resolving MAC addresses to IP addresses of connected devices.
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The error message that you are getting when trying to output into a file suggests the file location is not writable for the current user. Typically that would happen if you specify it at the C:\ drive. For example, creating C:\1.txt would end up with such access error because a regular user is not allowed to create files in the system drive root.

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