Filtering out applications the user is interested in

Started by Walt

I was testing your NetGenius. Nice app, may I make some proposals?

It is actually great to monitor a certain application and herein I see the main purpose. What I'm missing is a filter just to show the app the user is concerned about. That might be easy, to set a filter by checkbox in the app line and show only those which are checked.

Then it should be shown static, whether there is traffic or not (e.g. if I select "online", then the app of interest is going on and off, depending if it makes traffic or not, and if I choose "offline", I see dozens of application I'm not interested in. I tried to manage it by priority, but then the high is in the middle of all and not at the top).

BTW: I did not find the function to reset a session... Is it there?

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Re: Filtering out applications the user is interested in   03 February 2020, 10:36

Thank you for your feedback. It is our new product and we welcome all suggestions on how we can make it better.

There is a quick filter just above the apps view. You can type a few characters of the application name and also set it to show all applications. Then only the applications with the name that matches the filter will be shown. Please see the screen shot below. I believe the filter is not kept between sessions though.

Regarding Session traffic, it's simply how much data the application sent and received since it was launched. It cannot be reset, but you can access more detailed records per application, day and hour via the Usage button.

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Thanks for your fast reply and well noted. Already found out that the app works with a session. The idea with the name is fine, as far as the user is just looking at one APP. However, I have two different apps that I want to compare in the behavior. So, what I did is, set them to high and any other to normal, so that I have it on top by priority. Maybe in the feature the user can select multiple apps with a checkbox and have then multiple graphs in the view, that would be great for analyzing.

In general, your app is great and very helpful, and I will buy it for sure.

Somehow I'd seen a function to record something, but maybe I was dreaming? The settings are not active obviously. Is that just for paid version and which features can be operated?

Many thanks for your attention,
with kind regards

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