Captured throughput is lower than it should be

Started by Aldo


Captured throughput is lower than it should be   22 April 2020, 10:45

I would love to purchase a copy of NetGenius utility, but it looks like the traffic report/graph is not as reliable and correct as NetWorx with all connections selected. NetWorx traffic graph is very close to the Task Manager throughput, but at the same time NetGenius shows significantly less traffic.

Also a few suggestions: it would be useful to include a column to show the protocols being used: TCP/UDP, etc. An average bar across the display would be nice as well. Choice of traffic interface.

Thank you.
Will check again in a few weeks.
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Re: Captured throughput is lower than it should be   22 April 2020, 11:06

It looks like you are using an older version of NetWorx and have the Ignore LAN traffic option enabled in it. In this case NetWorx intercepts traffic before NetGenius, and the latter will show near to no activity, like you describe.

Try updating NetWorx to the latest version (6.2.8). It uses a different filtering mechanism that should work better with NetGenius. If that does not help, try unticking the Ignore LAN traffic option in NetWorx. After that NetGenius should be able to register all activity.

Regarding your suggestions about displaying protocols, an average bar and interface selection - thank you, we'll definitely consider these.

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