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Size of Taskbar Extension graph in vertical mode

Started by Sebastian


Size of Taskbar Extension graph in vertical mode   26 May 2020, 12:22

Hello NetGenius Dev Team,

So far my experience with NetGenius has been positive. Thank you very much!

There is however one behaviour, that is in need of fixing:
When I start the NetGenius Taskbar Extension, it's graph height is nice and small (I have the toolbar configured in vertical mode). However, when additional icons are added to the system tray (by starting another application), the size of the graph is recalculated and ends up too tall. Would it be possible to set a fixed size for the graph, thus fixing this problem?

Best regards,
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Re: Size of Taskbar Extension graph in vertical mode   26 May 2020, 12:30

Thank you for reporting this issue. Vertical taskbar is a little tricky to deal with, but I think we have just fixed it.

Please download the latest build, install over and reboot. You may need to unlock the taskbar, shrink the NetGenius extension, and then lock the taskbar again.

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