How to block everything except for white-listed applications

Started by Leon

I would like to suggest a feature.
Currently, NetGenius uses a blacklist-type of blocking, allowing all apps to connect to the Internet except the ones that are explicitly blocked. I would like it to also have a whitelist-type mode, blocking every app from connecting except the ones that are explicitly allowed. That would be a neat addition to the software and I would say very useful to many. Thanks in advance.

PS: yes, I know I could do that by blocking directories, but the problem there is that NetGenius doesn't also block subdirectories, thus forcing me to block entire directory trees one by one, a thing that isn't humanly possible, as I have thousands of subdirectories in my hard drive.
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Re: How to block everything except for white-listed applications   15 June 2020, 22:08

I am afraid you are mistaken: blocking a directory blocks everything inside it, including what's in its nested folders.

If you wish, you can block the entire system drive and then manually unblock the applications you trust. For example:
  • Block the whole disk C:\
  • Switch the list display mode from Online to All.
  • Launch the application you want to unblock - it should appear in the list.
  • Right-click on it in the list, go to Limits and select No restrictions.
Bear in mind that you may also need to unblock certain Windows system processes like svchost.exe for the Internet connection to function properly.
Just wanted to say huge thanks for all the helpful information on this forum board and the rest of softperfect site. I learned a great deal from reading through. I love how everything is presented in a simple, accessible and highly professional manner.

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