Coil whine sound from Acer laptop

Started by Brian


Coil whine sound from Acer laptop   20 October 2020, 09:33


I noticed that since I installed NetGenius I started hearing a very audible coil whine coming out of my laptop. At first I thought that it was something else (just a normal coil whine that may appear out of nowhere), but then I noticed that the sound was in sync with how the graph moved. I uninstalled NetGenius and the whine went away. Then I installed it again and it came back. Now I uninstalled it yet again and I'm using NetWorx instead and I don't have that issue with it.

Is there anything I can do about it?
My laptop is an Acer Extensa EX2540-51H1 running Windows 10

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Re: Coil whine sound from Acer laptop   20 October 2020, 09:54

It is probably related to the fact that NetGenius draws its taskbar extension graph using DirectX and GPU where available, whereas NetWorx uses older graphics code without these modern technologies.

Unfortunately, we can't really do anything about this. It is likely to be an issue with the GPU driver, the GPU + PSU combination, or the laptop's schematics, and will produce a similar noise if you play video games. I guess you can just run NetWorx for now and try NetGenius again at a later stage to see if some system/driver update solved this.

Alternatively, if the taskbar graph is not crucial for you, you can try using NetGenius without the taskbar extension and see if that helps to reduce or eliminate the noise.

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