High CPU usage solution

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High CPU usage solution   30 April 2021, 12:21

NetGenius can cause the service component to consume a lot of CPU when Windows 10 starts, but only if the machine was booted when Fast Boot is enabled. It doesn't happen if the machine is turned on with Fast Boot disabled, meaning Windows 10 does a full boot and not a rapid one.

The problem is solved by going to the Services console and restarting NetGenius service.
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Re: High CPU usage solution   30 April 2021, 15:12

Sorry we were unable to reproduce this issue on a Windows 10 system with Fast Boot. Most likely there is a conflict with another network filter that is initialised at the same time.

As a workaround I would suggest:
  • either disabling Fast Boot,
  • or configuring the NetGenius service to start a bit later by changing the Startup Type to Automatic (Delayed Start) in the list of services
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