Different transfer values in NetWorx vs NetGenius

Started by Andreas


Different transfer values in NetWorx vs NetGenius   09 July 2021, 13:10

I purchased and installed NetGenius. Still have NetWorx running. The upload and download values shown in both programs are different.
NetWorx: D: 2.4K U: 1.0K
NetGenius: D: 167 U: 738
Why is this different?
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Re: Different transfer values in NetWorx vs NetGenius   09 July 2021, 13:28

The implementations of NetGenius and NetWorx are quite different, and also depend on the selected settings.

NetGenius, by default, excludes LAN traffic and the processes running as SYSTEM (process ID = 4). All other processes are captured and that's how you can see real-time activity by process.

NetWorx, by default, includes LAN traffic and simply monitors how much data was sent over your network adapter. If the 'Ignore LAN traffic' option is enabled, it starts working in a way similar to NetGenius. We recommend to keep this option turned off, especially if you run both products simultaneously, as it is likely to conflict with NetGenius because they use a similar mechanism.

Assuming that in your case both products are in their default configuration, the differences you are seeing stem from background LAN traffic. In particular, Windows constantly checks for new network devices by sending broadcast messages into the network, that is why NetWorx figures appear higher.

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