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What happens to application data after the free trial ends

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Good morning,

We are in the stages of purchasing a NetGenius licence. However, as it is a long process for us, by the time our company finalises the purchase, the free trial period will expire.

I am wondering, what is going to happen to all the NetGenuis application settings and all the data we gathered during the trial? Is it going to be still there, or is it going to be lost?

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Re: What happens to application data after the free trial ends   06 April 2022, 09:55

When a trial ends, NetGenius stops working, but it doesn't delete anything until you choose to do so. Basically:
  • if you uninstall it at any point, it will (as any decent application should) clean up after itself and delete its data.
  • if you don't uninstall it and do not enter the licence key, it will not be working or collecting new data, but it will keep your settings and the data you have collected during the trial.
  • if you enter the purchased licence key into the expired trial application, it will immediately turn into fully-functioning software again, and all the settings and the old data will be there.

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